Summer time

So I was told at the beginning of the summer by a certain male that I had done a bit of man bashing on my blog. I want to turn that around…not that I have lots of wonderful things to say on their behalf but I want to share in my adventures of Mommie and Camy.
This past Monday was another terrifying moment when Camdyn fell up my brick steps. We rushed to the emergency room where she immediately made friends with the nurses and everyone she encountered. Luckily things were just fine, no broken bones just a few scratches. I have to brag on my sweet girl. She is so smart. She is 21 months old and she knows her name, age, birthday, sounds animals make, all of her family member’s names and their vehicles! She is a mess! She can plié and turn like a prima ballerina and she has the most adorable pageant wave. I am always so proud of her until she throws her new found tantrums; the terrible twos are coming! I look forward to the rest of the summer because it just makes me admire the innocence of youth. Camdyn is so happy and content spending time with family or playing in the park. I am so happy to say I am her Mommie!



Try to Understand

My job through the eyes of a 14 year old girl. Be prepared to cry.

*Endless confusion, endless stress

Is this place a punishment?

Or is this place a test?

Black Eyes, black heart

With every end, there’s a new scar

You think some sense would come through our heads

But everything we bang it on the wall, our brain cells go dead

*Stolen keys, slammed doors

Broken walls, people strained to floors

Why do we all judge each other

When none of us know how the others affected.

Some feel loved, some feel neglected

Some have abused

Some have been abused

Most of us don’t even know what’s really going on with the person standing beside you…

*So before you judge, the least you can do

Is try to understand what they’ve been through

***If this isn’t powerful then I don’t know what is…

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