Sometimes things knock lightly and then other times it hits you over the head…

I have made quite a few mistakes in my life and one of my goals in moving to South Carolina is to acknowledge them, and now try to fix them. I have been praying some and I know one thing that my life needs is God. I tried to go to church last week, but couldn’t find it in the morning and then chickened out in the evening.

I want to get my finances straight. Pay some debts that I owe, pay down my student loans, car loan, and save some money. God has opened the door for me. I have gotten two jobs in the first week and started both of them. I can honestly say that I think I am going to enjoy both and they will be good opportunities. Granted both are part-time and I may need to get another job when the event planning slows down God has provided for me when I haven’t given him much credit lately and just placed the blame everywhere but on myself. Now just pray I can actually establish and stick to a budget because that is def something that I need to figure out ASAP!

So onto the fun stuff…Ms. Brandon, my internship coordinator, has been persistent with me to get some stuff taken care of that needs to be done. I talked to her today and she just lifted me up and gave me the boost I needed. Then I got an e-mail that one of the Community Colleges I was looking at to take some courses to get me ready for grad school is going to add more classes that start in two weeks. God is really opening doors when I need them the most. The classes may or may not work out but just the fact that God is showing me that he is going to take care of me gives me a little peace.


Life is short, live it. Love is rare, grab it. Anger is bad, dump it. Fear is awful, face it. Memories are sweet, cherish it.


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