I wonder why

This year has opened my eyes up a lot. I have finally realized it is time to stop living in the past hoping the same things that never change, will change. I am actually giving new things and new people a chance. I have waited and hoped and hoped and waited for things from my past to work out, and the same things just kept happening. Sorry I know I am being redundant.

I am so happy that things are finally starting to work out for Camdyn and myself. We deserve someone who is going to give us all they have to give. I am not talking about money or possessions neither those are important. But someone who is willing to go into it being a little afraid. Someone who is going to actually make a sacrifice of themselves to show us we ARE important, and we are worth it.

I have felt second rate for three years, like I wasn’t good enough, or maybe I didn’t fight hard enough. Well I am done thinking that way because all I did was try. Even it the things that are happening right now don’t work out I see what I deserve, and I will not settle for anything less.

There is only so much a human being can give without receiving anything in return before they open their eyes and say, “I am done, and this time I mean it.”


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