Half Marathon Anyone?

I have been thinking a lot lately. I have lots of good intentions, and I want to be really healthy. I have always wanted to run a marathon, but I think it would be more feasible if I started with a half marathon. I was looking a few years ago, and saw the one that I know I am going to run. It is the Disney Princess Half Marathon at Walt Disney World. I want to do it in 2011. It is 134 days away. I think I can totally do it. If I start and just try to work on my endurance over the next 6 weeks then I think I can start one of the schedules I have researched. I am going to need a lot of motivation, and encouragement, but I have never wanted to do anything this bad in my life. It is close to my birthday. That would be such an awesome birthday present if I could say that I had completed a half marathon.

To compete you must keep up a 16 minute mile the entire race. I really wish I had a partner, but since I don’t I think that will just increase my accomplishment when I finish the race. So everyone keep me inspired, and hold me accountable. If you see or talk to me ask me when was the last time I ran. I was walking with Camdyn a couple of weeks at the park and saw a lady that had to be in her 50’s at least, and she was outrunning everyone. I want to be that person. I want to be healthy and in shape. I just have to get up, get out of my funk and do it. So starting tomorrow I am going to go for a walk/run. I want to walk at least a mile and jog a mile. If i can do that and warm up and cool down then I will be very pleased. If I can’t then I am going to try again.

So there you have it. I want to run a half marathon in 134 days. I hope in 135 days that I will be posting a blog telling everyone how well I did.



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