This word can explain so much in my life. From my emotions to my child my life is all mixed up. Don’t take it as a negative thing because I think it is beautiful. I want to erase the negative connatation from the word and have people understand that diversity is amazing. Not just diversity in people’s skin color but everything from their family structure to how one person feels on a typical day. Emotions are one of the most mixed up things I can think of in a person’s life.
Lately my emotions have been so cloudy. I can be up or down and there isn’t much regulation to my emotions. My life is so mixed up. This is totally not what I planned and it really gets tough trying to push through. I know that it will all work out, but lately I am losing touch with so much. Family, friends, priorities…being a grown up isn’t nearly as rewarding as I hoped.
So how do we take our emotions and check them at the door. My job is so draining that it is imperative I do this or I won’t be able to have a good day outside of the facility. This is a difficult mix because I am at a job 8 hours a day and I want to talk about these kids. Then I get so wrapped up in how to make things better for them that I get upset and take it out on ones around me. So right now I am trying to sort things out. Be patient my friends. I will find the balance. It is just a little difficult right now. ❤


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