life and love today…

What happened to true love? It seems like something so unattainable…actually a boyfriend seems almost out of the question. Why do men in this day and time think that is is ok and almost expected to get all of the benefits of a relationship, but won’t commit? It truly blows my mind that so many guys are like this. I know personally I have made some decisions and friends with benefits just aren’t an option. The only problem is that so many young women feel like that is the only option. If they don’t have a “friend” then they won’t get any attention. So if someone could please tell me what happened to all of the gentlemen I would greatly appreciate it…

More on this later…


One thought on “life and love today…

  1. Feminism, free love, and too many women giving it away in the hopes that if she gives the guy sex, he will want to keep her.

    The sad fact is that girls need to learn to not give sex unless and until they are in a committed monogamous relationship. I realize that it will cost them guys, but those guys are not worth having anyway.

    Men are hard wired for the chase and if a woman gives it up there is no chase and therefore no interest and he goes on to the next conquest. Guys will take what a woman gives, but she needs to stop giving it until there is an appropriate relationship in place.

    Just saying. Stick to your guns

    Blessings on you and yours
    John Wilder

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