Just might make me believe…

So trust has been so fleeting lately. I know why. I have not really done my part and kept up with things like I should so I am skeptical of others, but on the other hand my life just seems so unpredictable. That has never bothered me before now, but when you have a child you want stability. Sometimes I think I am looking too hard. I want so much, but I don’t really know how to focus on achieving those goals. This blog is the perfect example. I have a twenty page paper that is required for me to graduate due on FRIDAY. Granted I have done a lot of it, but I need to finish…instead I am working on this…

I am so ready to be out of school because I work everyday. In my internship I feel like I should be a real “grown -up” and that is difficult with no pay. My internship and the people are amazing, but I am ready to get my career started. I do have an interview Thursday, and hopefully that will be a good start. Guess it is time to go finish up this paper. xoxox


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